Mr. Thongplew Siripornpitak received a plaque honoring him for his filial devotion to his mother

          Even though he is responsible for overseeing the management of over 10 companies in Millimed network, Mr. Thongplew Siripornpithak, Millimeds chairman of the board, is still able to find time to take care of his mother and her health. Every day, he goes to visit her and chant prayers with her. Because his mother likes to make merits, he makes her happy by accompanying her on trips to donate money and medical supplies to various organizations. This kind oflovingdevotion to his mother should be adopted by every Millimed employee


Donating money to Bhumibol Hospital in an occasion to honor the King


Donating money and medical supplies through the Army to help out fellow Thais in the Deep South



Donating money through Thai PBS for the 2011 flood relief.