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Quality of Medicine, Quality of Life

                Millimed Co., Ltd. is a licensed manufacturer and supplier of drugs, food supplements, and cosmeceuticals under itsown brand and a contracted manufacturer for other suppliers. Every Millimed product is manufactured under supervision of registered manufacturing pharmacists strictly in compliance with GMP, WHO, and Thai FDA standards, hence fully observes all of the pertaining domestic and international laws and regulations.


Millimed’s Business Model

                Millimed manufactures and supplies products for domestic consumption and export as well as manufactures contracted products for which Millimed takes the responsibility of conducting their registration procedures for the contract customers.



Millimed manufactures and supplies the following products:

  •      Modern medicine
  •      Tablet
  •      Capsule
  •      Cream and Gel
  •      Powder
  •      Liquid
  •      Aseptic
  •      Animal medicine
  •      Powder
  •      Soluble
  •      Concentrated nutrient
  •      Food supplement
  •       Food supplement and Cosmeceutical
  •      Electrolyte drink
  •      Garcinia
  •      Amorphophallus/Konjac drink
  •      Herbal food supplement.

 Business units

At present, Millimed has 5 business units in operation, each dealing with manufacturing and supplying one of the following lines of products:

-       Modern medicine
-       Animal medicine
-       Animal food
-       Animal food supplement
-       Cosmeceutical(Millimed mainly does contract productions of cosmeceuticals).


Marketing and Competitiveness

Our policy on marketing and competitiveness is to focus on manufacturing high quality products that perfectly suit the needs of our domestic and international customers at the lowest production cost.