Council of the National People's Media Network introducing Thai products into African markets

          The Council of the National Peoples Media Network has dispatched representatives to Tanzania to initiate an introduction of Thai products into African markets.

     Officially visiting Tanzania between June 24th and 28th, 2015, a business liaison team from Thailand led by Mr.Preecha Trisuwan, the head of the legal and foreign affairs department of the Council of the National People’s Media Network and the director of the Tanzania Thailand Business Center (Thai party), and included Mr.Kriengsak Piyathanawong, a member of the board of directors of Polyherb Network Co., Ltd.,  A member of the board of directors of Millimed Co., Ltd., and Mr. Woratep Trikissayasopon, the head of the foreign affairs department of Millimed Co., Ltd., were warmly welcomed by Mr. Abdulraman R. Mohammed and taken to their stay at the Southern Sun Hotel, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

     The mission of the team was to promote trade between Thailand and African countries and to discuss the possibility of mutual investment by Thai, Tanzanian, and Zambian business entrepreneurs to establish a Thailand’s Distribution Center in Tanzania for exclusive distribution of all Thai products to Tanzanian retailers and for Tanzanian business entrepreneurs to re-export the products to their surrounding countries.

     The discussion between the Thai and African teams took place. The Tanzanian party was led by His Honor Hamad Rashid Mohammed, the acting president of Zanzibar and the acting vice president of Tanzania as well as the chairman of the Tanzania Thailand Business Center (Tanzanian party) and a brother of Mr. Abdulraman R. Mohammed who owns a private hospital in Zanzibar and expressed a keen interest in mutual investment with the Thai party, while the Thai party had signed the minute of meeting with Mr. Abdulraman R. Mohammed witnessed by Mr. Preecha Trisuwanthe chairman of the Tanzania Thailand Business Center (Thai party). The meeting concluded with an agreement that all of the parties involved will cooperate fully to make due progress in the introduction of Thai products into African markets and if the business growth becomes as good as expected, a manufacturing plant will be built in Tanzania to manufacture products for its domestic consumption and for export to Tanzania’s 8-12 surrounding countries with 250-300 million high purchasing power consumers.