Pharmaceutical and food supplement products unit

     This business unit started to operate in 2000 when Millimed Co., Ltd. was established as a major pharmaceutical products manufacturer with its two affiliates, Modern Pharma Co., Ltd. and  Fehalab Co., Ltd. that manufactured pharmaceutical and food supplement products for domestic consumption and export and Pros Pharma Co., Ltd. that supplied and distributed our products. After acquiring a Byer laboratory factory in 2000 and a Glaxo Wittayasom factory in 2003, Millimed rapidly grew to become one of the top 10 pharmaceutical products companies in Thailand in less than 10 years. In 2006, a Neoca product line was introduced to accommodate the increasing demand for food supplement products.


Cosmeceutical and beauty products unit

      Drawing on over 10 years of experience in manufacturing pharmaceutical products, Millimed expanded its manufacturing capacity to include a LeLuxi beauty product line of acne gel, skin lightening gel, and facial foam. Planned future expansion includes production ofa variety of nourishing creams for men and women that contain safe, natural extracts that do not irritate the skin in accordance with our slogan, “LeLuxi for naturally beautiful skin”.


Food and Herb

      Millimed Kitchen Foods Co., Ltd., officially registered on February 3rd, 2012, is the most recently established affiliate in the Millimed group of companies. Its objective is to manufacture and supply ready-to-eat health foods, pre-packaged processed foods, processed frozen foods, and processed fruits. Its most immediate mission is to exploit the raw materials–organic fruits, vegetables, and herbs–from ‘Khum San Sook’ project in Chiangrai province as a big part of all of the raw materials used to produce our products. At present, several new food products are being developed and improved for releasing into the market.


Land property

      ‘Khum San Sook’ project in Chiangrai province is a huge, over 800-acre piece of landfor organic farming initiated from the intention of Mr. Thongplew Siripornpitak to provide good, sustainable quality of life for Thai people. Its full operation due in 2015, the project comprises ‘Khum San Sook’ holistic health resort, ‘Doi Nam Sap’ herbal farm development, ‘Suan Pa Sak’ organic fruit and vegetable plot, herbal conservation farm, herbal extract factory, and factories for manufacturing medicine, food supplement, and cosmeceutical for domestic consumption and export. ‘Khum San Sook’ project was conceived as a response to the increasingly higher demand for Millimed’s existing products and future expansion of its product lines, in anticipation of Millimed’s rapid growth to be among Thailand’s top 5 pharmaceutical companies in the near future.